List of ChainLink Partnerships Making LINK Coin A Powerful Cryptocurrency

ChainLink has expanded their market capitalization up to 1.3 Billion US dollars. So, now ChainLink has replaced Stellar cryptocurrency at 11th position in the list of CoinMarketCap with respect to market cap. There are multiple reasons behind this progress of LINK Coin, but major reason is recent successful partnerships with giant institutions and organizations like Oracle, Credits, SWIFT and Google Cloud. In this article we will list out partners of ChainLink and will discuss those who are major one and helping LINK coin in becoming a powerful cryptocurrency.

  1. Google Cloud (A Leading Clod Technology Company)

Google cloud confirmed their partnership with ChainLink in last year 2019. They are going to use technology of ChainLink to make developer’s job easy so they can use google cloud data to develop blockchain technologies. Google being most successful company in tech world, this partnership really has boosted the growth of ChainLink coin in year 2019. This partnership/collaboration with Google is one of major reason behind  for ChainLink being in Top 20 cryptocurrencies list, according to many cryptocurrency experts.

  • Oracle (A Leading Database Technology Company)

Oracle a big giant player in software and technology world, specially knows for their database solution has decided to collaborate with ChainLink. Recently they announced this collaboration via their official twitter handler. Oracle will use this partnership with ChainLink to help more than 50+ startups to sell their data to oracle customers worldwide. This big partnership with Oracle will surely help LINK coin to achieve higher levels in crypto world.

  • Hydrogen (A Global Financial Operating System)

A Global Financial OS Hydrogen has successfully integrated with ChainLink technology. They use ChainLink smart contracts to add extra security for messages sent by Hydro API. This ultimately helps end user to secure their blockchain transfer using Hydro 2FA which is way secure than old school private keys. This integration with Hydrogen is a key achievement for ChainLink to make an entry in financial technology world.

  • Tezos (An emerging Cryptocurrency)

Tezos(XTZ) has decided to make partnership with ChainLink in order to provide real time data to XTZ developers. This collaboration of XTZ and LINK has helped both altcoins get stronger while the cryptocurrency going down. ChainLink has a strong decentralized network which can enable communication to external data (off-chain data) for smart contracts. Tezos (XTZ)developers are making advantage of this technology from LINK coin to build applications.

  • Binance (A Leading Crypto Exchange Platform)

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform Binance has  confirmed their collaboration with ChainLink via official twitter account. This collaboration will help Binance to connect their data with next generation decentralized finance applications. This integration with ChainLink will help Binance to grow their ecosystem and provide freedom of money to their end users by utilizing deFi apps.

Chainlink Partnerships

There are lot of new partners or co-workers of Chain Link other than listed and explained above. We have made a list of few of them as following. These are the few partners/adapters/co-workers of ChainLink are from different industries like Payments Systems, Cloud Computing, Crypto niche websites, Finance, Cryptocurrencies, Crypto Traders and Software Industry etc. You can go through it if you are really interested.:-

List of ChainLink Partners/Adopters/Co-workers :-

  1. Google Cloud (Leading Cloud Provider product by Google)
  2. Oracle (Software and Database Company)
  3. Harmony (BlockChain Company)
  4. Binance (Famous Cryptocurrency trading company)
  5. Morpheus (BlockChain Company)
  6. Ethereum Classic (Decentralized Computing Platform)
  7. Tezos (BlockChain Company)
  8. Cypherium (BlockChain Company)
  9. ETHA (BlockChain Solutions Company)
  10. KAIKO (Crypto Exchange)
  11. Hedera Hashgraph(Public Network Technology)ss
  12. Matic(Cryptocurrency Network)
  13. BNC (Crypto related Company)
  14. bZx( Cryptocurrency Network)
  15. Hydrogen(Financial OS)
  16. IOST
  17. Dapps INC
  18. Reverse
  19. BetProtocol
  20. Chilliz Blockchain
  21. Contentos
  22. Bloom
  23. Irisnet
  24. Totle
  25. 0x Project
  26. Staking Fac
  27. Ethereum Denver
  28. Qan platform

We hope you liked and found above article interesting and helpful. Stay tuned with us for more news and updates from cryptocurrency world related to your favorite coin ChainLink.

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