Why Chainlink is Good Investment?

In the war of two major Blockchain i.e. Ethereum and Bitcoin, the Chainlink making name for himself. When we talking about success in cryptocurrency after the market cap value, there is always key space for technology and product offered by project. Chainlink is one of the leading Oracle provider decentralized network in the world right now and currently backed by more than 15 other blockchain partner by integrating their oracle network.

Few days back, Chainlink become partner Kadena to provide oracle hybrid Blockchain platform and now they official first ever network to integrated decentralized oracle network into Proof of work blockchain. this project is very important for bringing real data fees in the on-chain, withis Kadena will start the development of real-world data based next generation smart contracts. In may 2020 Chainlink also join forces with South kore based Klaytin Blockchain project, in which company will provide secure and reliable network to developed next generation Dapp.

The list of Partnership of Chainlink keeps growing, as per recent survey the monthly Chainlink established more than 4 new partnerships. After partnering with giant companies like Google Cloud, oracle and biggest crypto trading company by daily market cap transaction Binance is help to changed momentum, as per report more than 50 project already collaborate with this network. the higher number of partnerships will help increase market cap value, which also help to gain trust from investor. so, right now Chainlink is 12th largest cryptocurrency with $1.3 Billion market cap.

Why Chainlink is Good Investment?

Top 5 Most traded Altcoin on Binance: Binance exchange platform release recent survery, in which they quoted “60% of bitcoin purchased is used to buy another altcoin”, in this report more than 12% BTC is traded or exchanged to buy Link Coin, so on Binance platform chainlink is one of the most of favourite coin after Binance coin. in 2019 Binance become partner with Chainlink and then prices started hiking with huge percentage, as we know Binance always backed Defi and this partnership is basically providing boost to growth of DeFi.

Applications: Chainlink is already backing thousand of application with providing smart contracts support, as we know blockchain is not fully compatible for real-world data, as Chainlink is in que of making real-world data easily accessible with the help of Oracle. Right now, Chainlink creating chances of bring all external data into the Blockchain network.

Price Performance: Chainlink was launched in 2017 and even in the fall of cryptocurrency, chainlink was one to those coins who was going on the moon, as in 2020 Chainlink sets historical high by reaching at $4.78 USD and now become most successful blockchain project of year 2020, as the peak rate is higher than Bitcoin, Ethereum and other top 10 cryptos. So, if they manage to put same performance in future Chainlink expected to Reach $7 USD mark in end of 2020.  

Decentralized Oracle: last year, oracle official announces to run 20 startup on Chainlink decentralized oracle network. in which one of their participants is having swiss blockchain platform i.e. Insolar, as along with them other project also participates including Cashpundit, Crowdz, Quant, LotsApp, Gravel Coin, MaxCentive, DriveOn and other, as this list was announced by official oracle. And after this most of blockchain project based on oracle is already partnering with Chainlink and they already known as oracle crypto.

Why Chainlink is Good Investment

Final Thought

Definitely we will suggest Chainlink for long term as well as short term investment. If look at price performance since last 6 month then there is rapid price fluctuation, means you need to keep eye on where chainlink starts bullish and if there drop over 10% then consider that trading price as selling point and follow same with buying price. it’s very hard to predict cryptocurrency price, because how market behave will be depend on various factor, but we still providing you Chainlink Price Prediction. The prediction will be based on previous performance of coin on the price chart. So definitely

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